Bahama Bay Waterpark Location

The Tri-Cities is a prime location for a large water park for a variety of reasons:

  • The Tri-Cities region has a population base of over 230,000 and is one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Washington
  • There are over 350,000 people living within an hour’s drive of the Tri-Cities
  • This Southeastern Washington region averages over 300 days of sunshine per year with a summer temperature regularly reaching 100+ degrees
  • In spite of all of this, other than private and municipal swimming pools, the only source of water recreation is limited to the Columbia River, which flows through the Tri-Cities
  • The nearest water park is located three hours away in Spokane Valley near the Idaho border

Bahama Bay Waterpark

The location is Pasco near Road 100 is ideal for many reasons:

  • Bahama Bay will be on 28 acres of commercially zoned land located in the development and growth area of Pasco, Washington
  • All public utilities and well-developed streets are already in place
  • The property is fronted on one side by a freeway and on the other side a 5-lane street
  • Located right off a freeway exit, the park is very conveniently accessible
  • Bahama Bay will be highly visible from almost every area within the Tri-Cities
  • Nearly every house in the Tri-Cities is within a 15 - 20 minute drive
  • A hotel is currently located nearby the property adjacent to the park, and residential neighborhoods are within walking distance, but not so close so as to cause a disruption
  • There are many available vacant lots nearby to allow for infrastructure and development around the water park
  • Restaurants and shopping are currently within a mile of this location