Update on Bahama Bay Waterpark

For all of you that have been patiently waiting and wondering if Bahama Bay Waterpark is really going to be built in the Tri Cities, thank you.

Since Bahama Bay was first revealed in January 2010 we haven’t shared a lot with the public about our plans, if we’re still moving forward, when we might make it a reality, etc. We simply didn’t want to say something that we could not yet back up with the proper funding in place. The truth is, in the past three & a half years we have tirelessly worked at securing funding to construct a facility that we believe will completely change the face of the Tri Cities.

As you know, we’ve all been living in a pretty rough economy for the past few years, which only makes a project like this even more difficult to get financing for. We’ve had various deals in the works with private investors and investment groups at different times over the past three years that all felt like they would be successful but were not for one reason or another. In every case, however, they were always very impressed with our project, it’s potential for growth, and the return on investment that it would bring.

The good news with such a delay is that it has given us plenty of time to plan and design an even larger, more efficient, and much cooler facility with innovations and technology, than was first shown to the public back in 2010. In that time our vision has been greatly expanded, as has the size of our facility. Our experience and contacts in the water park industry has broadened. And our enthusiasm to move forward and get this built for the Tri Cities is stronger than ever. We can’t wait to reveal all that we have in store for the future, because it will be awesome! Unfortunately that will have to wait as we are currently finalizing funding with a new source right now.

So stay patient. Stay supportive. Stay positive. Let your friends know. We’ll get this done soon so that we’ll hopefully be able to open in 2016. I know, we wish it could be sooner too. Until then, we’ll try to do a better job of keeping you informed on our progress.

We can’t wait til we can all play at BAHAMA BAY!! See you there!


The Bahama Bay Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why build a water park in Pasco?

There are so many reasons, we just had to create a whole page to answer that question. Read all about our choice of location here.

Didn’t we already try a water park in the Tri-Cities and it failed? Why do you think that Bahama Bay Water Park will be different?

Bahama Bay is a completely different kind of park than the previous parks the Tri-Cities have seen. It is designed not just to be a pool with a few slides, but an actual attraction, drawing customers from as far as 200 miles away. It is designed to be enjoyed by both the local community as well as the greater Pacific Northwest region. Also, the previous park was small, not managed or maintained well, and didn't add new attractions regularly to keep it fresh, plus the price for the value received was completely off. Bahama Bay will be the opposite of all of those things and will bring a completely new feeling and experience than has ever been in the Tri-Cities.

How much of this facility will be open year-round?

The hotel resort, along with the indoor water park portion will be open year-round, as will the family fun center.

How many slides will your water park have? What is your capacity for customers?

We anticipate at least four or five slide towers with many slides off each. Also, there will be an interactive water play structure with a huge tipping bucket and great ways to have fun and cool off. The park will be designed to a capacity of around 2000, but it is anticipated that we'll have around 1700 in the park at a time.

Are there special privileges to those who live in the area?

We'll have discount coupons and incentives for locals. Also, an annual pass for individuals or families will be made available. We'll make it as easy to get into Bahama Bay as can reasonably be done.

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